Christoff : Finio
Aalborg Aqua Center

Aalborg, Denmark

This proposal includes swimmer and spectator as equal participants in a structure that seeks to redefine how one might relate to water in a constructed environment. A series of concrete ribbons repeat over the distance of the pool room, serving at one scale as a form through which water may be cradled, islands may be formed, beaches may emerge, bridges may span, and diving platforms may rise. At a more intimate scale, surfaces respond directly to the size and shape of the body, folding or stretching as needed to form ways in and out of the water, places to sit or recline in and around the water, and connecting to other spaces within the building. A required circuit pool is not visible as an ellipse, but is implied by the bends and folds of adjacent slabs. The overall impression is one of an undulating interior landscape that offers infinite possibilities for the interaction between people and water.

Recognition: AIA New York Honor Award

Publications: Liquid Stone: New Architecture in Concrete, Arc. Design