Christoff : Finio
Léger Exhibition- Philadelphia Museum of Art

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Excerpted from “On the Space of an Exhibition: From Curator Anna Vallye”

“Léger is an artist who thought hard about space in his paintings.  In the 1920s – the decade addressed in the PMA exhibition- Léger was also especially preoccupied with the relationship between painting and its surrounding environment.  This was, in fact, an overarching concern for many of the artists and designers featured in the show.  If the traditional framework of pictorial space could be challenged, so could the conventional boundaries between works of art and other spaces and experiences.  The exhibition was therefore designed to enable the network of relationships across the diverse objects and media on view to be eminently fluid and multivalent, inviting unprogrammed encounters and discursive reconfigurations from its visitors.”

Publication: Washington Post